Lily Grace

Lily Grace

Seattle’s #1 Elite Luxury Companion



Package Name: Duration:Out-Call Rate:



A Passionate Rendezvous 1 hour




A Naughty Tryst 1.5 hours




Blissful Encounter 2 hours 




A sensual Affair 3 Hours 



Dinner & Dessert:  4 hours






Considerations for my time are non-negotiable:


It is my absolute pleasure to create fantastic memories with you. In this regard, I will graciously accept your appreciation as a token of affection for my time, nothing more.

As an Elite Luxury Companion, my time is extremely limited and therefore precious to me, thus my patronage gift structure will always reflect that scarcity.





I currently do not have a regular in-call location but am happy to make a reservation for us in Seattle or Bellevue, depending on your preference. I can usually arrange for myself and our accommodations to be ready to receive you by 4:00 pm most afternoons - especially if pre-booked with a 24-hour notice. I require a minimum of 2 hours notice for all In-Call requests.

At this time, I can only accept In-Call requests of 90 minutes or longer.






I accept out-call requests to the following areas Seattle, Bellevue

The following areas would have a donation that is higher than areas that are closer to Seattle in order to compensate for the time and travel costs that would be incurred during our visit:

Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Everett, Tacoma, Federal Way, Edmonds, Kent, West Seattle, Bremerton, Shoreline.




Social Outings:


Strictly Social Date (Up to one Hour) ..... $300


A "Social Date" is a meeting that takes place entirely in a public meeting place, such as a restaurant or coffee shop. This date can be scheduled by itself or, if we end up feeling that we have good chemistry, we can continue our time together and discuss an additional amount of time. Please arrive at our date prepared to cover the possible extension of our date, so that there doesn't have to be any awkward moments involving donations.



Extended Packages: 
    Longer or Alternative appointments and travel packages are available upon request and require advance notice. Extended packages of 4+ Hours are available to gentlemen with whom I have met previously and require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. My most preferred type of encounters are extended Out-Call requests of 90 minutes or longer- where we are able to relax and fully enjoy each others' company and truly satisfy both of our carnal appetites!





The Proper Etiquette 


When we first meet, a few guidelines to follow ...


I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly and without interruption. Any attempt at discussion of consideration will promptly and regrettably halt our date without further ado.

Whether we meet in my location or yours, silently and visibly place my consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter-top.

Should we meet in a public venue, greet me nonchalantly with a decorative gift bag containing my consideration in an envelope tucked between the folds of tissue paper.

In the event that you would like to extend your time with me,  you may ask if my time is available. Should we decide to extend our time together, preparing yourself in advance and having additional consideration already set aside would limit any uncomfortable discussion to no more than a few words. 



Fly Me To You
  I would love to travel abroad with you if my schedule allows, but only if we have met previously and have an established connection.

I have dreamed of expanding my horizons by including more international travel to my personal resume! I will always have an updated passport in the event that I receive a travel request, I will most likely be able to accommodate your future plans!


Please email me to begin planning our special time together!