Lily Grace

Seattle’s #1 Elite Luxury Companion

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Do you offer In-Call appointments?

I currently do not have a regular in-call location, but am happy to make a reservation for us in Seattle or Bellevue, depending on your preference.

I can usually arrange for myself and our accommodations to be ready to receive you by 4:00 pm most afternoons - especially if pre-booked with a 24-hour notice. If attempting to book same day, I require a minimum of 2 hours notice for all In-Call requests.

In-Call playdates must be booked for a minimum of 90 minutes or gentleman must be willing to cover reservation costs. 


2. Where are you willing to travel for out-call appointments within Washington state?

I I accept out-call requests to the following areas:

Seattle and Bellevue

The following areas require my travel expenses to be covered in addition to my normal rate and may require a 2 Hour appointment:

Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Everett, Tacoma, Federal Way, Edmonds, Kent, West Seattle, Bremerton, Northgate, Shoreline, Olympia


3. What rules of etiquette should I follow when visiting you? 

A few guidelines to follow ...

  • I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly and without interruption. Any attempt at discussion of consideration will promptly and regrettably halt our date without further ado.
  • Whether we meet in my location or yours, silently and visibly place my consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter-top.
  • Should we meet in a public venue, greet me nonchalantly with a decorative gift bag containing my consideration in an envelope tucked between the folds of tissue paper.
  • In the event that you would like to extend your time with me,  you may ask if my time is available. Should we decide to extend our time together, preparing yourself in advance and having additional consideration already set aside would limit any uncomfortable discussion to no more than a few words. 


4. How shall I conduct myself when meeting with you outside of Seattle? 

Travel Etiquette: 

  • All trip arrangements are covered by you. When flying Domestically, I appreciate and enjoy flying first class. Internationally or by train, first or business class.
  • I need at least two hours of private time to beautify for whatever our plans entail (Requirement for dates of 12 or more hours)
  • I know we will have a lot of fun, but let’s try and enjoy six to eight hours of undisturbed beauty sleep together if spending the night with one another
  • If I sporadically check and/or use my phone for personal matters, I would appreciate you understanding and please know that it will be brief.
  • Depending on flight arrangements, some dates may require an extra hour of time before we can meet to allow time for me to refresh and prepare myself for our time together.


More Frequently asked questions and answers to come soon!